Dining Hall & Kitchen

The spacious dining hall can host up to 200 people, and has hosted many wedding receptions, quinceaneras, parties, funerals, and reunions.

We boast numerous tables and chairs for any seating preference.

Optionally you can add on access to our kitchen furnished with two convection ovens, a flat grill, deep fryer, and dish-washing areas.

Lodge Room

Being a Masonic center our building has a spacious lodge room with lighting that can be arranged to suit different needs.

The side of the room has theater like seating and there is plenty of floor space to place folding chairs to accommodate additional guests.

This room is perfect for ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, recognition, or hosting presentations


The smallest of the 3 rooms, the foyer is equipped with some tables and chairs and would make a great place to hold a council meeting for your group, a board game room for a get together with friends, or perhaps gather with your crafting group to have a crafting session.

There are additional tables and chairs available to accommodate larger groups.

Next Steps...

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